Comprehensive Eye Tests

Importance of Annual Eye Checkups

It's crucial for both adults and children to visit the optometrist once a year to find if they are suffering from any ocular condition that needs attention. Contact Harrah Eye Clinic today for comprehensive eye exams.

You and your child will go through a series of tests that will check every facet of your eyes and your vision. Based on the test results, we will create a treatment plan for you and your child.

We Perform Multiple Eye Tests at Our Clinic

When you come to us, we will not just test your eyes for glasses or lens. Our optometrist will also perform a few other simple tests to check for glaucoma, Macular Degeneration, diabetes, and other common ailments. This will help us detect and diagnose potentially serious eye problems early.

Our series of tests include:

  • Autorefractor: It assesses your retina’s ability to focus
  • Cover test: It requires you to cover each eye and focus on a small distant item
  • Eye movement: Performed to determine how well your eyes can follow a moving object and/or quickly move between and accurately fixate on two separate targets
  • Pupil reaction: Test to determine if the pupils are equal and reactive to light
  • Tonometry: It tests the pressure within your eye. Our tonometry test uses a new technology that does not require an uncomfortable air puff
  • Chart reading

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