Professional Treatments For Eye Problems

Visit Us for Treatable Eye Conditions

Many eye problems can lead to loss of eyesight if overlooked. Don’t let that happen to you. Schedule an appointment at Harrah Eye Clinic. Get your eye problems treated at the earliest. Call us today!

We can provide effective remedies for a wide range of eye problems. Some of these include:

  • Blepharitis and Pink Eye: They are characterized by red, swollen eyes and crusty debris
  • Eye floaters accompanied by flashes of light: They can be serious and hence we advise you to schedule an appointment with us immediately
  • Lazy Eye, Astigmatism, and Keratoconus: They are all common conditions that need glasses or contact lenses and their symptoms can be determined through eye exams

Let Us Handle All Your Serious Eye Problems

Eye allergies, RP, styes, uveitis, ptosis, ocular hypertension, low vision, and retinal detachment are serious conditions. If you suffer from any of these, don’t panic. Schedule an appointment with us to get your eyes treated and avoid further ocular damage. Find out more about our various eyewear options, including glasses and contacts.