Trust Us for Your Eye Care Needs

Are you looking for a trusted eye care clinic in Harrah, OK? Look no further than Harrah Eye Clinic. Contact us and get the best care from our friendly and welcoming professionals. We will make you feel comfortable and relaxed during your eye examination, treatment, and glasses or contact lens fitting sessions.

Harrah residents have been depending on our optometry clinic for all of their eye health needs since 2005. Residents of Shawnee, Mcloud, Newalla, Choctaw, Luther, Jones, and the surrounding areas can come here for complete and friendly eye care.

Get a Thorough Exam for Eye Conditions

In addition to vision issues, you can get your eyes checked for other common eye conditions such as glaucoma, cataracts, and more. When you come to our clinic, you will undergo a series of tests that will check your visual acuity, eye muscle movement, pupil reactions, and how well your eyes work together for your vision.

After the thorough examination, you can easily make an informed decision following a discussion with our optometrist.